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Outreach and Public Engagement

We're all enthusiastic about sharing our passion for research and supernovae

What we do

One of the most important things about doing research is communicating the results. We do this in a number of ways, and are always on the lookout for more opportunities to engage with the public and wider community.


Get in touch if you would like to have one of us give a talk at an event or your school


We have a number of demonstrations that are great for showing supernova physics in action


We also offer hands on activities for all ages and levels of expertise


Many of our group members present posters for conferences and outreach. We'll upload them here for everyone to enjoy!


  • Posters are a great way of getting information out there
  • Here, Rob is presenting his poster "Type Ia Supernovae - Candles in the Dark" at the 2014 STAG Distinguished Lecture, given by Prof. Gerard t' Hooft

Supernova Science Stand

  • Part of the University of Southampton Science Roadshow
  • With our supernova search board, you can take control of our telescope and try to identify which of our 4 sources is a Type Ia Supernova
  • Learn about how we identify a transient object using difference imaging, and what sort of astronomical red-herrings we need to look out for.
  • With our 'Guess the Gas' activity, see the world as a spectrum using our diffraction gratings, and identify our lamps using the spectral line series. Find out why supernova spectra aren't this simple!
  • Use nothing but air and steam to crush a can flat and find out more about quantum mechanics in the process
  • If you want to have as much fun as Chris is here, get in touch!

Supernova Science Stand

  • We have visited schools and colleges with our Supernova Science Stand
  • As part of the University of Southampton Science Roadshow we have been to:
    • The Times Cheltenham Science Festival 2015
    • Glastonbury Festival 2015

Feedback from our outreach

People normally have lots to say about how much they enjoyed our engagement!