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Welcome new PhDs!


Written by Lisa Kelsey

We are thrilled to introduce the two newest members of the Southampton Supernova Research Group: Marcus Toy and Zoe Zontou, who have joined us this autumn to begin their PhD research. Whilst the circumstances of the beginning of their PhD journeys are a little unusual, we are confident that they will get off to a fantastic start and look forward to getting to know them and their research over the coming years.

So, to introduce themselves in their own words, Marcus and Zoe:

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Hi everyone! My name is Marcus, and I'm joining the Supernova group at Southampton this year. I did both my Undergraduate and Master's degree here, so I'm excited to continue this year doing a PhD. The reason I chose to focus on Supernovae is simply because they're so energetic - the fact they outshine entire galaxies blows my mind. I'm excited to do first-hand research here at Southampton, and to meet some world-leading experts in this field. Normally in my free time I'd be gaming online or playing boardgames with some friends, but recently I've gotten quite into running, and I am currently training for a 10k!